ACRE Mines Insights from your Unstructured Text

The Analytics Categorization Retrieval Engine (ACRE) is a scalable text analytics solution that can:

Transform Big Data into Solutions
Shine a Light on Dark Text
Gain Insights from Medical Text
ACRE Diagram

Transform Big Data into Solutions

ACRE combines Text Mining and Artificial Intelligence to quickly and accurately organize textual information, delivering the right information to the right person, expediting thoughtful decision-making....truly enabling a Data-Driven Enterprise.
ACRE modeling tools allow knowledge workers who don't have a PhD in Data Science to create, test and validate scalable customized auto-tagging systems, which can then be widely deployed.

ACRE v1.3 Screen shot ACRE Web Data View

Learn more about our ACRE v1.3 text mining package for Python command line and the ACRE Web analytics service for text on the cloud.

Shine a Light on your Dark Text

Our Dark Text Analyzer (DTA) automatically summarizes, scans, evaluates sensitivity, certifies, groups and reports on unstructured text residing in Dark Data repositories that have unknown or underutilized content. Dozens of pre-defined and customized ACRE label models allow a manager to quickly assess text content and risks.

DTA Find Similar View DTA Graph View

Learn more about the Dark Text Analyzer project.

Insights from Medical Text

MedTRACE, the Medical Text Retrieval, Analytics and Categorization Engine, combines the ACRE text analytics platform with specialized BioNLP models to map medical text to Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) terminologies, including SNOMED CT, ICD-9 and ICD-10, as shown in this example with randomized EMR Record IDs:

Medtrace screenshot

Vertical Data is currently conducting a MedTRACE software trial with a major regional health information organization (RHIO) and a research team from a major hospital. Stay tuned for more details!

Learn more about MedTRACE.

Download our White Paper: Extracting More Value from Text using ACRE (PDF warning)