ACRE v1.3

ACRE v1.3 view

ACRE v1.3 is a Python command line package for Text Mining!!

Users can create, edit, train and execute ACRE models using Python commands.   Users can create Category Trees along with any type of label model - Pattern, Rule (with ML Extension) or Machine Learning - and execute them on CSV data.

Model execution results are:
  1. Label Table (CSV) showing label assignments to all documents
  2. Summary Table (CSV) showing total number of documents assigned to each label at any node of the CT
  3. Word Frequency Table (CSV) showing total word counts and documents counts for each term at any node of the CT
  4. Word Cloud (JPG) showing word frequencies at any node of the CT.
Check out the documentation below for the details. 

The ACRE v1.3 package is available FREE for academic use!!  Students, instructors, researchers - Contact us. 

ACRE v1.3 User Documentation (r1 - 1/6/16)