Candace Hatton

Candace Hatton is Vice President of Operations at Vertical Data. Previously, Candace had a 37-year career in law publishing, starting at a small regional publisher and ending with a large international publishing company. The first two decades of her career, with Banks-Baldwin Law Publishing Co., gave her a good foundation in all facets of the publishing industry. The skills she acquired at Banks-Baldwin – the use of technology solutions, problem solving and integrating and streamlining of processes, all while delivering the highest quality products on-time – were critical to her success at West Publishing and Thomson Reuters.

As executive head of the Cleveland corporate office, her staff maintained a successful and growing office for 17 years after the acquisition by West Publishing Co. She was successful in merging three acquisitions into the Cleveland office, expanding the number of products threefold, including print, online and solutions products. Her team’s expertise in regulatory compliance products made them a center of excellence in the company, leading to regulatory offerings in insurance, environmental and securities, which continue as a growth area for the company. West’s insurance compliance product was the first online, 52-jurisdiction product on the market.