Viewing Datasets

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Click Datasets > Datasets to see the Datasets page.  You can use the Search box to narrow the list.  Remember that datasets outside of your Current Project are not visible on this page unless their Project is in the Monitored Projects list. 

Dataset Properties

Click View or Edit for a dataset to view or modify its properties.

View / Search / Download All Columns

Click View Data to see the contents of all dataset columns. 

-       Click Export CSV button at the bottom of this page to download full dataset contents.

-       Click on any column header to sort by that column

-       Use the search box to search all columns

View / Summarize Individual Columns

Click Columns to see detailed information about each pipeline column.  Click View to see contents of individual columns.   For Term Vector columns, this shows term frequencies for each row.

Click Summary to see summaries of column data:

-       Numeric Columns: Summary shows Count, Sum, Min, Max, Mean, Variance.

-       Tag Columns: Summary shows tag counts.

-       Term Vector columns: Summary shows term counts 

View / Search / Download a Selected Set of Columns

Data Views can be created to display a selected subset of dataset columns with customized headers and ordering. 

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