Data Views

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A Data View stores a customized view of the data in a Dataset. Click Results > Data Views to see a list. Data Views allow you to display, download and search a selected subset of Dataset columns in any order with customized headings.

On the Data Views page (Results > Data Views), you can create, view and edit Data Views.

Creating a Data View

Click New Data View,

      Enter a Name and Description

      Select an existing Template to be used for this View.

      Optionally, click Add all Columns to include all Dataset Columns.

Once created, click Add View Column to add additional Columns to this View. A numeric Column Index value is used to determine column display order (minimum index on the left to maximum index on the right).

Viewing / Downloading / Searching a Data View

Click View Data on any Data View and select a Dataset to see its data displayed.

-       Click Export CSV button at the bottom of the page to download Data View contents as CSV file.

-       Click on any column header to sort by that column

-       Use the Search box to search all columns

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