Loading a New Dataset

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The Load Data command (Datasets > Load Data) allows you to load new data from many data sources into a new Pipeline Dataset. 

What’s Needed

In order to load a dataset, the following objects must be available:

·      A Template object that defines the Input Columns and Pipeline Columns for the new dataset. 

o   See Creating a New Template

·      A Pipeline Source object that maps your data source columns to the Input Columns. 

o   See Creating a Pipeline Source.

o   Note that many types of data sources are supported, including spreadsheet files (.xlsx, .csv), document files (.pdf, .docx, .txt), XML files, SQL databases, Twitter search and e-mails. 


To Load a New Dataset

Click Datasets > Load Data   

·      Select New Dataset…

·      Enter a Dataset Name for the new dataset

·      Select the Pipeline Source

·      Select your local data file (Input File name) if prompted.

·      Click GO

On the Input Jobs page, job status will change to ASSIGNED, then RUNNING, then COMPLETED. 

Check Results

Go to Datasets > Datasets and then View Data on the dataset to see the results, which will include all of the loaded data and the pipeline results

For more on Viewing, go to: Viewing Datasets

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