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ACRE is the Analytics, Categorization and Retrieval Engine.  ACRE generates structured metadata from unstructured text.   

To analyze text, simply select a Pipeline Source and load your data to it.   This generates a new Pipeline Dataset containing your data and an unlimited number of new metadata columns generated by Tasks defined in the Source’s Template.   User-configurable Tasks can Count, Extract, Edit, Lookup, Tag by Rules and Tag by Machine Learning, providing a nearly unlimited set of NLP pipelines to quickly produce high-value structured results from your unstructured text.

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·      What’s a Pipeline Dataset?

·      Projects

·      Viewing Datasets

o   Creating Customized Data Views

·      Loading Data to a New Dataset

o   Defining a new Pipeline Source

·      Adding Data to an Existing Dataset

·      Creating a New Template

·      Using Tasks (Count, Extract, Edit, Rules)

·      Tagsets and Tagging

·      Machine Learning

o   ML Tasks

o   ML Models

§  Training

·      Updating a Dataset