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ACRE Studio is an object-oriented architecture.  Everything you use - Templates, Datasets, Pipeline Sources, Tasks, Tagsets, Rulesets, Substitution Lists, Data Views, Term Lists, and ML Models – is a data object.   

All data objects are stored in Projects.   Click Projects > Project List to see the Projects page.  From here you can view, create and edit Projects.

Storing objects in the Current Project

When you create any new object, it is stored in your Current Project (by default) and you are its owner. This allows you to modify or delete it (from its Edit Page).   Your Current Project can be changed from the Projects page. 

You can move or copy any object to a different Project from its Edit Page.

Object Visibility and Monitored Projects

Each Project is either private or shared, which determines whether other users are able to view and use the objects in them.  

To view objects in another user’s shared Project, you must add that project to your Monitored Projects list by going to Projects / User Options and selecting their Project (hold the Ctrl key while selecting projects to add multiple Projects to your Monitored Projects list).

An object’s owner can designate other users as Editors, which allows them to modify or delete the object also.

To summarize:

·      An Object in a private project,

o   can be used, changed or deleted by its owner only

·      An Object in a shared project:

o   can be used by any user who has the project in their Monitored Projects list.

o   can be changed or deleted by (a) its owner and (b) other users designated by its owner as Editors on the object’s Edit page.

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