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An Edit Task takes any Text column as input and generates one text Results column.  

Each Results column entry contains input text after one or more Substitutions are made.  Each Substitution replaces a Pattern with Replacement text.  See Using Patterns and Substitution Lists.   


In the example above, the “Normalize Description” column is generated by an Edit Task that uses the “Exam Description” column as input and makes substitutions to replace local terminology, usage and abbreviations with standard terms.   The Substitution List used by this Edit Task is shown in the Substitution List Help.

What’s Needed

To create an Edit Task, the prerequisite objects are:

·      Template – the new Task will be added to this.

·      Input Column – a text column in the Template

·      (possibly) Substitution List  – if you want to perform a list of substitutions – not needed for a single Substitution.

Creating an Edit Task

Click Pipelines > Tasks then Create Task and select Type “Edit”:

·      Name for the Edit Task and a Description, if needed.

·      Template – Choose template.

·      Input Column – Choose text column

·      If you set Edit Type to “Substitution List”, then

o   Substitution List – Choose the Substitution List.

·      otherwise

o   Pattern: A keyword, phrase, search query or regular expression

o   Replacement: Text that will replace the Pattern


Check Show Matching Options? if your Pattern is a search query or regular expression or you want to change the default matching options, which are:

·      No wildcard characters

·      Case insensitive

·      Does not match partial words

See Matching Options Help for other matching options.

See Task Help for other Task parameters.

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