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An Extract Task takes any Text column as input and generates one text Results column.  

Each Results column entry contains the matches (mentions) of a Pattern or a list of Patterns in the input text.   Each Pattern can be a word or phrase, search query, or regular expression.  See Using Patterns.    


In the example above, the “Clothes-Extract” column is generated by an Extract Task that uses the “Response Text” column as input and extracts occurrences of words related to clothing from a ‘Clothes’ Term List.

What’s Needed

To create an Extract Task, the prerequisite objects are:

·      Template – the new Task will be added to this.

·      Input Column – a text column in the Template

·      (possibly) Term List  – if you want to extract a list of patterns – not needed to extract a single Pattern.

Creating an Extract Task

Click Pipelines > Tasks then Create Task and select Type “Extract”:

·      Name for the Extract Task and a Description, if needed.

·      Template – Choose template.

·      Input Column – Choose text column

·      If you check Extract Term List then

o   Term List – the Term List of keywords or patterns.

·      otherwise

o   Pattern: A keyword, phrase, search query or regular expression


Check Show Matching Options? if your Pattern is a search query or regular expression or you want to change the default matching options, which are:

·      No wildcard characters

·      Case insensitive

·      Does not match partial words

See Matching Options Help for other matching options.

See Task Help for other Task parameters.

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