Creating a Template

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Templates store specs for the Input Columns and Tasks that are used for a desired Pipeline Dataset of results. Its easy to create a customized Template for any pipeline!

You can see available Templates with Pipelines > Templates. From this page you can create new Templates and edit existing ones.

Creating a Tempate

Click Create Template button

      Enter a Name and Description

      Click GO.

Adding Input Columns

Click Add Input Columns

      Enter a Name and Description

      Choose the Field Type:

o   Text

o   Numeric

  Integer (whole numbers only)

  Double (20-digit precision)

o   Date/Time

  Date, Time or both

  Date Format

      Month/Day/Year first

      Click GO.

You can always review/edit Input Columns on the View/Edit pages of its Template.

Adding Tasks

Each Task takes an existing Column (either Input or Pipeline), and generates one or more Pipeline Columns.

Tasks can be created and edited from the Tasks Page at Pipelines > Tasks

Click Create Task and select a Task Type. See Task Help for details of each Task.

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